Elisabeth Kiviorg


Artemis is a Copenhagen based bridal wear brand designing minimalist wedding dresses for the modern no-fuss bride. As quality and craftsmanship are some of the core values of Artemis, I was approached to create a brand identity that encapsulates a luxurious feel and appeals to the effortless bride.

Warm beige and brown tones were mixed with white and greys to create a soft and timeless bridal universe. We implemented a modern serif typeface to give the identity an elegant designer feel. This paired with relaxed yet well styled photography makes the outcome contemporary but durable, celebrating love and individuality.

Scope –– Branding, Visual Identity, Art Direction

The logotype combines elements that are sculptural and bold looking, with delicate and feminine shapes and curves. It conveys the idea of a strong female archetype whilst still being light and flowy. We also created two variations for the logo in order to have the most optimal use across different applications.

Outtake from the brand guidelines

Model Rose Hermansen

Photographer Sarah Stenfeldt

Website www.artemiscph.com